Curriculum 2017

I love planning for a new year! It is always full of exciting possibilities!

One of the many benefits of homeschooling is the flexibility to change and adjust routines and curriculum to our children's changing needs.

Can I just say that these are resources we have on hand. We don't necessarily do 'schoolwork' everyday as sometimes we have more important things to do!

Although I'm not ready to say we unschool...we are certainly more relaxed than we used to be as I've observed my kids amazing ability to learn through life.

Sometimes I wonder if we overthink this homeschooling thing sometimes! 

Devotion / Bible Study - What we believe

The "What we believe" series by ApologiaApologia teaches Christian worldview for 6 - 12 year olds. One of the benefits of homeschooling is that we have time to teach our children about the true value of their life, who they are and why they matter.

We will continue with the next book in the series which "Who Am I? And what am I doing here?". I also have to say that as an adult, I've learned so much from these books!

We will also continue with We choose Virtues which has been awesome addition to our character study and the kids love it. Read here about our experience.

The big boys - year 6 and year 5

Maths - Singapore Maths

I am a huge fan of Singapore maths. My boys both really love maths (both boys work at the same level) which I want to continue to nurture. Each lesson in this curriculum begins with suggesting games and activities using manipulatives (I'm addicted to maths manipulatives) and then scripts a whole lesson with reinforcement from an easy to read text book and workbook.

We use plenty of games to keep it fun and interesting. I try and include my 6 year old in maths time and often give him some 'games' or 'manipulatives' to play with...and I like to think he takes some of the information in as I reach the big boys.

I will be honest and say that as the boys get older I've almost reached my confidence threshold in maths. This means the teaching guide has suddenly become useful and I need to prepare for lessons rather than just open the book when we sit down.

We use studyladder and skwirk for practice and reinforcement across most curriculum areas including maths.

Grammar - First Language Lessons For The Well-Trained Mind


You can read here about our very first day using All About Spelling.

Handwriting - Handwriting Without Tears

This is another curriculum we love! Handwriting is not my boys, um, strength. I purchased the first 3 complete sets of these books secondhand from another homeschooler. We also have HWOT app for the Ipad.  These are easy, quick lessons and so far there have been absolutely no tears!

Writing - Writing with Ease & Workbooks

History / Geography

One thing I would like to try this year is a Christan history resource called "Adam to Messiahwhich takes a biblical approach to world history. My kids have learnt a lot about ancient history over the years but this resource puts it into context with the will hopefully help them understand that 'bible characters' aren't just imaginary but real people that existed in history.

Considering God’s Creation Set
As Christians we believe that our world is a result of intelligent design. God made with the world with intent and purpose which is why/how everything works together and is amazingly beautiful and complex.

I bought "considering God's creation" 4 years ago when we first began homeschooling. I didn't like it at all and neither did the kids so I put it away. I pulled it out recently and and noticed it's designed for multi-level teaching which is perfect as I can include all 3 boys. The content is perfect for the ages (10,8,6) of my kids and it's actually a great resource as it looks at many different science topics over the year and has a Charlotte Mason feel to it.

We studied astronomy last year and this book begins with astronomy so we are doing the lessons, watching YouTube videos and borrowing LOTS of library books.


We are planning a strong music focus this year.

All 3 boys have weekly group piano lessons at the Yamaha school of music and my 8yo and 6yo also have drum lessons.  But this year I plan to step up my involvement in their music.

This year we will do some more theory and develop their reading ability as both boys will be joining the church youth band.

I'm going to aim to do this composer study.  at some point in the year (I say that every year).

Physical Education

The boys will continue weekly tennis coaching in Summer and continue basketball weekly. 

No. 3 is quite sporty so we may look at starting soccer later in the year.

 Ipad Apps & Online Programs

Splash Maths App. - is one of our favourites!
Wet Dry Try App. - Handwriting without tears
Dragonbox App. - excellent for teaching Algebra!
and more.....

Study Ladder

The little boy - Year 2



I took it easy last year as DS6 showed ZERO interest in learning to write.  Now that we've started I've noticed his fine motor skills are pretty average. We will have to work hard this year and possibly enlist the help of an occupational therapist.


DS6 is reading quite well so the goal this year is to encourage regular independent reading of more challenging novels.


We have never done any formal curriculum with DS7 but he is ahead of his peers in maths. That is a testament to natural learning! 

I'd like to get him starting Singapore maths this year.


 So, this is a basic outline of what we will be doing for this homeschooling year.

If you are new to homeschooling, don't be overwhelmed. This is what I have on hand ready to go for the year but it does not mean that we will get through entire curriculum's and sometimes we decide quickly that something isn't working and try something new. The ability to work to our own children's pace and tailor a curriculum to their needs and interests are just some of the benefits of homeschooling.

Here's to a new homeschooling year in 2017!

Disclaimer: This page may contain affiliate links. Everything written is my honest and true opinion. 


  1. I love your curriculum.It looks similar to ours.We are still learning our way and intend to switch if something is not gaining interests etc.But it is so exciting!Jess xx


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